We love words! We love them so much that we just can’t stop looking for the next perfect word to express our many creative processes.

What words are so beautiful that they conjure images of relaxation, calm, serenity, peacefulness, adoration, love, joy… ? What about the ugly words, do we like them too? We sure do! All words are welcome here.

26 beautiful words and 26 not so…

Sure, some words may sound gross or too abrasive, but they’re still deserving of a spot in the limelight!

8 hot word trends for 2017…

They may not be appropriate for every situation, but they do exist and their use is on the rise. Is there anything we can do to stop this madness?!

Coming Soon:

5 word games you can play right now…

You might need pen and paper! You’ve got one of each handy, right? If not, you still have that smart phone with an amazing little app called “Notes”.


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